Rev 2.0 Schematic

A project log for Universal Controller

One controller to rule them all! A PS2 controller crossed with an AVR and XBee / Bluetooth, to use in multiple physical computing projects.

the-big-oneThe Big One 09/23/2015 at 17:530 Comments

Yesterday I put the finishing coat of Danish Oil onto the new case, and put the original PS2 controller PCB into the top part of the case. I also finished up the (hopefully) final touches to the schematic. (While I am not planning on making a PCB for this, it is complicated enough that I do want a schematic, even though the implementation will just be on perf board).

The design allows for two radios (XBee and Bluetooth HC-06). Which radio is to be used will be selected by a 3-circuit binary analog multiplexer, which will switch power, Rx, and Tx.

Also included in the schematic is the charge pump which allows me to run the 5v LCD at 3.3v by providing the required negative bias voltage.

Still outstanding is making the supporting circuit on perfboard, updating the software to take advantage of all this, and actually fitting the entire thing together.