Rev 2 Completed

A project log for Universal Controller

One controller to rule them all! A PS2 controller crossed with an AVR and XBee / Bluetooth, to use in multiple physical computing projects.

the-big-oneThe Big One 02/18/2016 at 02:210 Comments

Rev 2 is now (mostly?) completed. I have added an FTDI Bridge mode, where you can plug the controller into a computer and forward bytes from the wireless interface to USB and vice versa. I'm sure there will be some more adjustments to software in the coming weeks (to better support #Chiindii quadcopter), but hardware is completed (and has been for some time, I have just been lazy in documenting it).

A question you may ask is, what version to make? Rev 1 or Rev 2? The answer is 'it depends'.

Rev 1 is much easier to replicate, and is fully compatible with the official Stubby code.

Rev 2 takes a lot more custom work, custom PCBs, and hacked-together wiring. Furthermore, it is not completely compatible with Stubby (the framed serial protocol that it speaks is the same, but some of the messages being passed are different), plus it is missing some buttons that the real PS2 controller have.

In short, I would suggest making Rev 1 unless you have a good reason to do otherwise (notably, the need for a throttle control or display).