Quantity   Component name
1 × Red laser diode The laser diode was taken from a DVD writer and is expected to be 650 nm and about 100 mW..
2 × Mirror These optically flat mirrors consist of 30 nm aluminium on 1 cm square silicon chips. I made these in my real lab.
1 × Beam splitter Good results were achieved with a purchased 50/50 beam splitter (shown in the photos) and also a beam splitter cube taken from a Blu-ray drive.
1 × Lens A lens with focal length of a couple of cm was taken from a Blu-ray drive.
1 × Breadboard An optical breadboard with 1 cm hole spacing was 3d-printed.
2 × Mirror mount Mirror mounts were 3-d printed and enabled the angle of the mirror to be controlled in 2 axes.
1 × Laser mount A laser mount was 3-d printed again allowing the angle of the beam to be controlled in 2 axes.
1 × Beam splitter mount
1 × Lens mount
1 × Laser driver circuit This was a simple current source made from a suitably biased non transistor.