WWVB Radio Signal Clock

A single LED display clock from a salvaged WWVB radio antenna and circuit board, a PICAXE 08M controller and one LEDs.

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I salvaged the WWVB radio antenna and circuit board out of an old atomic clock and hooked it up to a PICAXE 08M microcontroller, an inverter and a single RGB LED to make one really simple hard to read single LED display clock. (The extra LED in the picture was to verify the inverter input signal) The LED flashes a different color for each of the three Morse Code style sequences from the WWVB signal. A chart of the code let me calculate the time but it took a pencil, paper and at least a couple of minutes to do it. Even worse was the fact that I could only receive the signal between 1:00 and 6:00 AM. Not very practical, but I learned a lot and had a great time. I hope Ahmed and others like him will keep building, and that scared teachers and overzealous law enforcement officers like those in Irving will change careers. By the way, the Irving police chief, Larry Boyd's email is Send him a note and picture

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