forget 1 byte at time !

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developing a digital wireless radio mic in both 2.4ghz and UHF

ben bilesben biles 08/03/2016 at 13:390 Comments

today I tired 1 byte at a time and reliased there is way too much overhead in the RF driver for this to be useful ! its obvoius really ,

There is the preamble of x amount of 0's an 1's before each 1 byte packet is sent and other wasted time making the packet in the driver.

So I boilled things down to basics and took some advice from the comments here ! now I am just going to bit shift to 8 bits from incoming 32bits keeping the 48khz samples and increase the RF bandwidth. I can bring the RF power right down and connect the TX with RX with coax cable so I'm not blasting illeagle RF all over the place !

right now there is an RF bottleneck until I edit the radiohead config file ( there is'nt a pre-made , 'canned' template that can do 8 x 48000 = 384000 bits per second gfsk.

After I make that I should know if I have timing problems or not with the reciever and the diversity RSSI packet selection.

At the moment the I2S SSC driver just pulls a sample from the circular buffer everytime the SSC timer inturrupt happens. its wanting a crazy 32 bit 48k samples , per channel !

Thats 1,536,000 bits per second per channel per second..

obvoiusly theres no more information in all these bits than the 8bit 48k it came from but lets

not go rebuilding the I2S driver unless I really have to !!!! It looks like a mess of nasty timming code.