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developing a digital wireless radio mic in both 2.4ghz and UHF

ben bilesben biles 08/07/2016 at 16:550 Comments

Soon into starting to use freeRTOS to try and tackle the timing issues i'm possibly having with I2S SSC and RH_R24 radio ( driver librarys should be multithreaded, thread safe re-entrant libraries ) are needed to use freeRTOS.

I ask on RadioHead forum ,. answer don't no. also freeRTOS requires pin 2&3 to be connected together. I'm using those pins , did'nt want to resolder to other pins. OK , going to stick to learning about SSC timing and see if I can sync the rf24.send(data.len); function call to that timer somhow. quite quicky I found the NVIC_EnableIRQ(SSC_IRQn); in HiFi.cpp ( the I2S driver code ) i am hoping I can sync the sending of the packet to the SSC inturrupt. I might have to write as simple radio send function myself if I can't get this to work.