Arduino Pro Mini - DL1414

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davedarkodavedarko 09/26/2015 at 11:103 Comments

[UPDATE] changed the picture showing the display put on the wrong way to the correct one

So I had this little fellow in my drawers and wasn't really using it because it was so special and also a bit pricey. But yesterday I wanted to check if it still works and I have way to many dev kits and arduinos and stuff, so I just tried it. I looked up the datasheet and checked the pinout - I was so lucky that the arduino pro mini is an excellent candidate for this display, since the power supply pins happened to be on the same position and the rest was IO. Unfortunately I soldered it the other way around. The black, marked with G pin was not pin 7 GND but pin 1. I was able to cross over the supply pins and rotate the data pins for the display. Luckily the highest databits where set in a way that I was able to access the alphabet characters. I have to de- and re-solder it to get numbers too. It's a really smart little device, you have 2 address pins and 7 data pins for ascii code and one write WR pin.

There are at least two versions as it seems, one Siemems DL-1414T and a HP DL-1414.

As always, if anyone knows a better way for getting bits out of bytes to set pins (in an arduino scope) please tell me, this is what I did:

void set_char(byte digit, byte ascii)
  digitalWrite(LED_WR, HIGH);  
  digitalWrite(LED_A0, 1 & digit);
  digitalWrite(LED_A1, 1 & digit>>1);
  digitalWrite(LED_D0, 1 & ascii>>0);
  digitalWrite(LED_D1, 1 & ascii>>1);
  digitalWrite(LED_D2, 1 & ascii>>2);
  digitalWrite(LED_D3, 1 & ascii>>3);
  digitalWrite(LED_D4, 1 & ascii>>4);
  digitalWrite(LED_D5, 1 & ascii>>5);
  digitalWrite(LED_D6, 1 & ascii>>6);
  digitalWrite(LED_WR, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED_WR, HIGH);


aldolo wrote 01/28/2020 at 10:34 point

found this display on aliexpress. nice and bright

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TinLethax wrote 04/23/2017 at 02:29 point

I found some library I use it too link

I use with arduino pro mini it completely fit onboard 

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TinLethax wrote 04/16/2017 at 09:06 point

can U post some code sketch please Thx 

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