project might eventully merge with the wireless mic project

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Using libltc to make a SMPTE Time Code Receiver/Generator for Arduino !

ben bilesben biles 07/30/2016 at 04:240 Comments

Since the timecode shield is really just audio IO with the LTClib i'm thinking it may as well merge with the wireless mic project. If I get this working then the timecode coudl be sent along with the packet data.

I dont want to abandon the shield as I think a timecode shield would have all kinds of uses other than audio video work, also the wireless mic would unlikely include a GPS. ( power and cost )

I now have I2S audio samples coming into an arduino DUE but still I can't get LIBltc to decode the audio samples into timcode ... It could be a timing problem with the I2S library ( basically there might not be enough cpu time left to bitshift the samples and prcess them in LIBltc.

I have added a circular buffer to the code but it still does'nt output timecode.

well i'll keep trying to figure it out and post here if it starts working.