Revision 2 PCB Design (Final?)

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The Big OneThe Big One 09/01/2014 at 22:420 Comments

I spent a few more hours on the new rev2 design in KiCad.  Previously, I had components on the front and the back; I was now able to move all components to the front.  (This will make a difference in manufacturing... if you get boards pre-populated from China, apparently it is quite a bit easier (read: cheaper) to have all the components on the same side.  Furthermore, it should make things easier for me as well: since I am using a heat gun for reflow soldering, if I had components on the front and the back I would need to do two separate reflows, which would increase the risk of moving components previously soldered or even over-heating components.

I am going to give myself a bit of time to mull over this board, and if there is nothing which I realize needs to be changed, I will submit my order within a week or so.

The latest rev2 board design is below:

To recap from the last log update, I felt the need to change the PCB design from rev1 to address a few shortcomings of the previous board:

The main disadvantage is that it is a lot harder to solder (reflow soldering is pretty much a requirement for this board, which unfortunately moves it out of the entry-hobbyist range).

(For those who have made their own robots using a rev1 board, no need to worry... I plan to keep support in the codebase for rev1 for the foreseeable future.  The main advantages of rev2 are in relation to Bluetooth / computer control, for my Hackaday Prize project.  If you are controlling Stubby by hand using the Universal Controller, rev1 does everything that rev2 will do).