Revision 2 Boards Ordered

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The Big OneThe Big One 09/05/2014 at 02:460 Comments

I have just placed the order for the revision 2 boards.  Here's to hoping I worked all the bugs out of it... I have not previously used this particular step-up regulator (NCP1400A), nor have I made any board which is quite as tight as this one.  Oh well, I can always green-wire the thing if needed.  (One 'bug' is that I did order the wrong color, though... I normally order black PCBs, but my stupid mis-clicks made it blue this time, and it was already submitted to the fab house via DirtyPCBs before I could get it changed.  Oh well, at least it will match the blue rangefinder!)

If anyone wants to order a batch of their own, you can now use the DirtyPCBs store link.  (Once they arrive, I will likely have a few spares for sale to people in Canada / USA... anywhere other than that, and it makes more sense to just order from Dirty directly, as the shipping for me costs more than 10 copies of the board shipped from China).

The actual rendering of the board is below.  It is almost identical to the one posted a few days ago, except that I adjusted the breakout boards a bit to make the XBee / Bluetooth adaptor fit better in between the various components.