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an experiment to try out stencil grafitty

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  • Krafta systems

    rawe09/30/2015 at 21:59 0 comments

    Simon Stalenhag is a great artist ( ). Riksenergi is the company responsible for the loop, but there is another fictional company in the "the loop" universe: Krafta:

    I am too lazy to cut out all the letters of "Krafta - forskining & utveckling" (Krafta R&D) so I went for "Krafta systems". Inspired by the pictures above, the following stencil evolved, this time including alignment marks and a dark border to cut along:

    Todo: Print, cut out, try out. I plan to try out 1mm thick PVC foil as stencil material, supported by copper wire.


    This time I tried out rel. soft 0.5mm PVC foil, as paper soaks the paint and bends, PVC foil *should* not bend:

    Alignment marks, covered by masking tape to not paint them on the surface:


    First result:

    The isles in the letters are mounted by copper wire. The copper wire is glued to the PVC foil by plastic glue - and more PVC foil. The wire is bent in multiple dimensions/directions to provide 3D fix:

    PVC foil seems to bend when the spray paint dries/expands on top - no ideal result / underspray on some locations. I need one of these nut spiders.

    Enough for today, as the paint needs to dry and I need more colors.

    Lesson learned: PVC foil works ok-ish. It is much nicer to cut and does not bend as much as paper/cardboard. An even stiffer material would be better. Cardboard soaked with Natriumsilicate?

  • 1st try: planet express

    rawe09/18/2015 at 21:45 0 comments

    Out of various reasons, I selected the Futurama Planet Express logo. It is simple enough for a "quick" try, geeky enough to be put on a crate/box and multi-color. Aaand it is available as vector graphic / svg from here:

    The svg differs from the logo from the planet express ship in the series (ship is black), but that is an easy change.

    The svg was split to 3 parts, printed on DIN A3 250g paper at the copy shop and cut out:

    1. big (white) and small (red) ring:

    2. black rings:

    3. text and rocket:

    The inner parts of P, A, P, R were fixed in place by copper wire and glue:

    ...the cheapest spray paint available at the local hardware store:

    ...applied layer after layer on cardboard and wood (massive transport trolley thing):

    - big white ring

    - let it dry!

    - small red ring

    - let it dry!

    - two black rings

    - let it dry!

    - rocket + text

    Lessons learned:

    - either use water-proof material (plastic foil) or first paint complete stencil to prevent it from bending due to moisture form paint

    - add alignment points to all stacked stencils, else it gets hard to align them (d'oh!)

    - normal thick copper wire (1...1.5mm²) works great as support structure

    - add bigger border to stencil (easier masking)

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