Kaypro SSD Hard Disk

Interfacing a FreHD Hard Disk Module to a Kaypro 4/83 and Kaypro II

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The thing that struck me when I initially got involved with Fred Vecoven to test the FreHD was the potential for the device to be used on machines other than the TRS-80.

The FreHD emulates a WD1010 Hard Disk controller + Hard Disk combination. Western Digital Hard Disk controllers were fairly common in the early 80's with many available as after market additions for the Z80 + CP/M machines of the day. I definitely recommend reading the archives of "The Computer Journal" and "Micro Cornucopia" to get a feel for how this hardware used.

I have an interest in early 80's business machines so in addition to the TRS-80's I have a Kaypro 4/83 (81-240-n) that I picked up in early 2013 on the local auction site. The Kaypro worked fine after the standard power supply capacitor replacement and as the TRS-80 side of the FreHD development wound down I started wondering if the FreHD could be made to work with the Kaypro......

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djones60 wrote 05/27/2022 at 20:11 point

FreHD does work quite well in a Kaypro.  I have one in my Kaypro 10.  You just need an adapter board to change some of the addressing around.   Here is the thread with the information on how to use FreHD in a Kaypro.

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stephenmitchell2001 wrote 02/17/2017 at 08:07 point

Hi, I'm looking at doing some thing like this with an IDE to CF card. Instead of the frehd I'll be using the UIDE8 boards which in the future will have a CP/M driver which will self modify to each individual hardware setup. Hope that is of interest to you.

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