First tube layup

A project log for Nano-tube

A micromaxx size carbon body rocket.

Scott PowersScott Powers 09/20/2015 at 19:530 Comments

A wooden dowel wrapped in Scotch 3650 packaging tape is used as a mandrel. A 20 cm section of dowel was prepared by lightly sanding with 220 sandpaper both to remove imperfections as well as to slightly reduce the diameter. Then a layer of packaging tape was applied in a spiral wrap at >45 degree angle.

A single layer of carbon was prepared at 9 cm, with a total target length of 10 cm. Excess will be cut off when epoxy has fully cured. The sleeve was cut and folded inside out so that the seam is on the interior of the tube, and so any fuzzies could be removed. The sleeve was put over the mandrel and wetted out with laminating epoxy (adtech 820). Excess resin was removed with a paper towel. Treated heat shrink from Soller composites was then applied and heated from the middle.

A second tube was prepared in the same manner, except that a layer of cash register paper was put on the dowel prior to wrapping with packaging tape. This was done to aid in removal of the tube, should the first tube prove impossible to remove from the mandrel.