First layup results

A project log for Nano-tube

A micromaxx size carbon body rocket.

Scott PowersScott Powers 09/21/2015 at 12:000 Comments

After curing overnight the heat shrink was removed. Both tubes have a usable area less than the design spec for the rocket (10cm) due to fraying and what not at the ends of the tube. This will have to be addressed in future layups by making a longer initial part.

The first tube, made with just packaging tape, is proving to be very difficult to remove from the mandrel. If I had used aluminum I could do some tricks with temperature, however not so much with wood.

The second part was much easier to remove. The dowel slid right out from the paper and tape covering. I was able to use a piece of thin steel rod to release the paper/tape roll from the interior of the tube. However, the tube is a full carbon tube wall thickness off from designed. The first tube slides neatly into the second. This part is essentially not usable as is, however a layer of carbon could be applied to the interior to make it the proper diameter.

It was also much harder to get a perfectly concentric part out of the second layup. Though this might be something that changes with practice. A change in technique might help with dimensional issues. I am thinking instead of spiral wrapping the register tape, doing a single layer rolled lengthwise. The same with the packaging tape.