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Got a Raspberry Pi ? A few more bucks turn it into a networked SPI Flash chip reader/writer

yann-guidon-ygdesYann Guidon / YGDES 09/25/2015 at 20:110 Comments

This SPI flasher is part of a much larger project. As the whole system grows, so does each part and a spin-off becomes necessary for reliability and stability.

I want to make a high quality system with a great tutorial that most DIYers can follow. All help and feedback is welcome ! Who would like to test the tutorial ? Who wants to add parts to the list of supported chips ? What other features are needed ?

The documentation has grown fast so far but it's going to stall for a very common reason: it will deal now with software. Software development is slow. Hardware design is comparatively simple, easy and fast. Software is the quicksand of computing. Please excuse me for the delays ;-)

I have developed quite a bit of software and I have a working and cool Flashing system at home but the spin-off requires a complete review of all the code, a deep rafactoring to make it totally stand-alone and suitable for your use. Your help is again more than welcome. My plan includes a total rewrite from the ground up:

As you see, writing this page is only a tiny part of all the required development. How could you help me ?