Soot-Sprite Sensor Network

Sensor network with support for different boards.

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Do you want to build a sensor network with multiple boards from different vendors with different capabilities? This project is for you. It is in beginning stage, but it has enough support to build for different boards (as long as you can describe it in boards.txt).

It is built on Arduino-Makefile (sudar/Arduino-Makefile) although the Makefile and command-line isn't strictly required. However, it enables quick compile-build-debug cycles.

Currently, there is support for devduino v2 with NRF24L01+ radio.

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    Step 1
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    Step 2

    The "SPI driver" and "NRF24L01 driver" should be checked out into your Arduino IDE's library/ directory. The Arduino-Makefile and Soot-Sprites Network repositories can be cloned anywhere you prefer.

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    Step 3

    In the Soot-Sprites Network's hardware/avr/sensor-node/ directory, there should be a Makefile. Adjust the make variable ARDMK_DIR to reflect the path that you cloned the Arduino-Makefile into.You should be able to build a version of soot-sprite that supports the devduino v2.

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