A clock a week?

A project log for A simple non-bomb clock or two

Gets attention, tells time, promotes knowledge of the electronics hobby & DIY/STEM in general, and advertises my local hackerspace a bit

pointyointmentPointyOintment 09/25/2015 at 14:460 Comments

I didn't get the miniaturized clock done (or make much progress on it at all) on Wednesday, and didn't have time to work on it last night. So, I guess I'll have it ready on Monday. Should I build a clock a week?

And the other thing is that I've figured out part of what's going on with the USB battery, though it died in the process, so I don't have my clock with me today. It seems that when I unplugged the dummy load, the battery didn't realize the load had decreased, and still didn't realize the load was low even after being restarted multiple times. So it stayed on. But it also estimated its state of charge to be decreasing faster than reality. By last night it was down to 3%* and I decided to see how long it would last. It got down to 1% in a couple of hours and then ran for many more hours at 1% before dying. I was asleep so I don't know exactly how long it lasted. I think this may have succeeded at recalibrating the battery, so once it's charged again it won't work without the dummy load.

*really 3/99; the battery has a 2-digit display and I guess the designers didn't think of using F for full, so it displays 1 to 99.