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A project log for Portable Pi2 Thermal Imager with Overlay

A portable thermal imager with PiCam overlay using a FLIR Lepton on a Raspberry Pi2, Official Raspberry screen, and some other parts.

Matthew NavarroMatthew Navarro 09/22/2015 at 22:500 Comments

I have been planning on starting this project for awhile now and yesterday I decided to go to the Hackaday Meetup in Pasadena, CA. I thought I should bring something cool to show, so I threw together a very early version of this project over the course of a few hours.

Three shelf brackets, some screws, a bit of duct tape... Although it isn't pretty and not terribly durable either, it works!

In this project I will be designing a custom 3D printable part which will securely attach to the piscreen, and allow for the mounting of a pi camera, and Lepton thermal imager with breakout board. It will be easy to hold, portable, and able to safely protect the parts that make it work.