Air-cooled flip-clock

One out of two cheap clocks from eBay melted in the sun. I equipped the second unit with fans to save it from the horrors of Swedish summer.

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I ordered two clocks from China a while ago, and was super happy with how they looked and performed for almost one whole day. Got home from work to find the flaps weren't flipping anymore. They were all bent and twisted, and fell down one after one. Boohoo...

Anyway, a couple of hours ago I noticed the backup clock I had in a drawer. After all this talk of clocks and hacker terrorists and whatnot, I couldn't just leave it there. I figured it deserved a chance to shine, it just needed some cooling.

So I took two motors from a broken mini RC helicopter and did my best at squeezing them inside the case. A little dremel action and lots of hot glue later, It's now ticking. And humming. Very loudly.

I have two wires sticking out of the case though, waiting to get hooked up to a resistor of some kind. An NTC thermistor comes to mind, but so does a µC. A thermistor would pop right in, but µC's are smarter and I have plenty of them...

Time will tell...

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