A project log for The Square Inch Project

A contest to create awesome, useful square inch boards. Entries are closed.

alpha_ninjaalpha_ninja 09/28/2015 at 22:580 Comments

Entries must consist of:

  1. An EDA design for a printed circuit board. (including a schematic and a pcb design files, including generated gerber files. (Edit 2015-11-21: Gerber files must be sufficient to create a copy of the board. Includes Excellon drill files.)
  2. A bill of materials.
  3. Information about the purpose and usage of the project.
  4. Images of an assembled version of the project.

Stuff that we let you decide about:

  1. PCBs may have any amount of layers.
  2. Jumper wires and component connections in the air are allowed.
  3. Components choices are not restricted; components may be overhanging.

The following restraints are placed:

  1. The total printed circuit boards required for a single copy of an entry must fit completely within a 1 inch by 1 inch square. (It may also be smaller.)
    • Should such a copy of an entry require multiple separate circuit boards, they must be panelized by the entrant to fit within the aforementioned dimensions.
  2. Every account on may enter no more than 10 projects.
  3. Your design must follow the OSHW guidelines:
  4. The PCB must actually work, (amendment 2015-11-09: "fulfill its purpose") and you must demonstrate this with pictures or videos.


  1. A link to your project page must be posted as a comment on the contest page by November 24, 2015.
  2. Finalized schematics, BOMs, and design documents, as outlined above, must be posted on your project's page by December 8, 2015. [This has been postponed by one week after the original end date.]
  3. Pictures of assembled projects must be posted on your project's page by December 22, 2015. EDIT: Extended to DECEMBER 28, 2015 at 14:00 PST as of Dec 22, 2015
  4. All these deadlines are at 23:59 UTC on the specified date, unless otherwise specified.


  1. The judges, which are all users listed as contributors on this project, will decide on the winning projects in the weeks after December 22,2015.
    • Community voting rounds may be held as early as November 24, 2015.
  2. The results from community voting won't directly influence the winner of the contest, but judges may take them into consideration during judging.
  3. Judges will rate designs based on usefulness, innovation, creativity, and engineering.
  4. Users may win more than one prize, should the judges feel this makes sense.
  5. Rules outlined in this section are subject to change.

Edit: @danjovic has created a checklist and posted it in a project log on #AVeRCADE:
(For reference only, your design must still follow the rules as posted on this page!)