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A project log for The Square Inch Project

A contest to create awesome, useful square inch boards. Entries are closed.

alpha_ninjaalpha_ninja 09/28/2015 at 23:532 Comments

Entry is simple!

  1. Read the rules.
  2. Start working on your project! Make sure it fulfills the requirements listed in the rules.
  3. By November 24, 2015, post a link to the project page here.
  4. By December 1, 2015, post design documents on your project's page.
  5. By December 22, 2015, post images of your assembled project on its page.

New to PCB design?

If you've got your electronics done, consider these software packages:

Fritzing (Tutorials)

Fritzing is a beginner-friendly, open-source EDA application. It's great for people new to PCBs!

KiCad (Tutorials)

KiCad is a more advanced, open-source EDA suite. In fact, CERN is a major contributor!

Eagle (Tutorials)

Cadsoft is among most established players in the EDA field. A limited version of eagle is free to use.

Feel free to contact us in this project's comments section if you need help!

Not sure what to make?

Here's some ideas we were throwing around in the group chat:


jaromir.sukuba wrote 10/08/2015 at 20:54 point

Minor copy-paste error: fritzing tutorials link seems to point at kicad tutorials.

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alpha_ninja wrote 10/08/2015 at 22:22 point

fixed, thanks

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