The table lore

A project log for Sweet Dreams CNC (multimachine)

There are solutions and there are elegant solutions.

Crum3leCrum3le 09/28/2015 at 11:520 Comments

The table also needed to be solid, 40mm box section thick wall (as in the pic) in asymetric positions. About 70kgs. For heavy work, the 3 pieces at the right of the pic, plenty of room for clamps and the gaps for mounting larger pieces vertically if required. the tubes are welded onto some angle in an offset arrangement. This gives about 50mm difference in height when the bed is flipped over. its located into the frame with dowls and 10mm bolts. 4 bolts allow the table to be removed completely and a different table can be mounted. 4th axis or coolant catcher type. The sides of the CNC are open, allowing work to be slid across the table not limiting the size of the workpiece to the width of the CNC. A sacrifical bed was fitted made from some form of compressed recycled plastic and resin (I dont know what its called but its temperature stable, oil and waterproof)