Sensors after 5 months in a bee hive

A project log for µPower (beehive) SD logger

Let's observe an emerging beehive throughout the year 2018! (And create an logger from scratch for that purpose)

JanJan 10/05/2018 at 13:360 Comments

Update 08.10.18 - Yep, data shows sensor was glued shut

Have a look at that:

65% RH all day long? reason see pictures below!

For context: Look at the pictures below. Data clearly shows what the bees did to the sensor :)

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Today I needed to remove the sensors from the bee hive because we treat the bees with formic acid (see log before) for a week now. I guess at least the Si7021 would corrode and die from this.

This is how the breakout board looked today. It was really tightly glued to the wooden frames by the bees. As mentioned earlier they tend to close every hole and fixate everything dangling around by applying wax and or propolis (also called bee glue).

The white rectangle is the PTFE filter-sticker which keeps water out of the sensor. I need to ask myself how reliable the last months of data are because they added a thin layer of wax over the filter sheet too...

This is the backside of the sensor:

UnI removed everything, it's really sticky stuff:

Unfortunately, I ripped the protection cover off too but managed to stick it back on.
BTW: this is how the sensor looked 5 months ago :)