TinyG is an open source motion control system developed by Synthetos.com . Some of the TinyG boards for developers have the ability to take expansion cards using the Kinen expansion system. To learn more about TinyG and Kinen visit the following links:


https://github.com/synthetos/g2 (ARM port)


This project is dedicated to the documentation of the development of a huge range of Kinen upgrade cards known as fins. Some are completely designed some are just ideas. I have been working on these in some capacity for the last year and few months. More to follow soon!

Kinen Fins in development:

Extruder Fin - Add a 3D printer extruder as a tool head


Inkjet Fin - Control Inkjet cartridges as a toolhead


Smart Stepper Fin - Control a stepper motor axis intelligently with an encoder


Encoder Fin - Add a rotary encoder to each axis, up to 6 axes supported


Paste Extruder Fin - control a syringe based paste extruder with linear encoder and pressure sensing,


Lazr Fin - Control all additional electronics for a laser cutter, DAC for laser intensity, relays and solenoid drivers for everything else.


H-Bridge Fin - drive DC motors accurately with integrated h-bride and encoder circuitry


Mach-G - A Mach3 CNC compatible shield adapter for the Arduino DUE for drop in replacement tinyG upgrade for Mach3/LinuxCNC systems.



Extruder Fin - Designed in collaboration with Alden Hart, Johnny Russell, and Rob Giseburt. This Fin features a ARM CM0+, stepper driver, three MOSFETs, thermocouple, and two thermistors. Designed to plug into a TinyG V9F version board.

Prototype fabricated by Ultimachine in March 2014

Encoder Fin - Designed fall 2014 post Makerfaire, Two versions designed, One version featuring LSI encoder counter ICs and another using multiple ARM Cortex M0+ microconntrollers to perform encoder counting duties in software. The all ARM version costs considerably less and will be the main focus going forward. I was prepping to fabricate and test this Fin back in march but I delayed it to work no other projects. Now having more experience with the MKL05 series MCUs I plant o revise this design further with different packages for the MCUs to shrink the board and cut cost further.

LSI Hardware Encoder counter IC version

Smart Stepper Fin: