BlueSun ESP8266 WiFi 'o' Sonar

ESP8266 WiFi 360° Sonar sensor with graphic Web interface Gui

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This project uses an ESP8266 series 12 WiFi module to create a true 360° sonar scanner mounted on a stepper motor. The output is displayed remotely as a HTLM5 Gui interface.

This project is part of my continuing exploration into low cost remote mapping of environments.

The design you see consists of a simple Stepper motor controlled directly by the ESP8266 WiFi module

, a Maxbotic Sonar transducer provides a 30cm - circa 6meter range.

The analogue output of the distance transducer is fed to the analogue input of the ESP8266.

The ESP8266 loggs a 360° scan and then outputs the data to a HTML5 web page.

The system allows for a very cost effective way for logging positional data remotely within a WiFi enable environment.

  • 1 × ESP8266 series 12 WiFi module
  • 1 × 28BYJ48 5V stepper motor with driver circuit Bog standard common stepper motor
  • 1 × MaxSonar - EZ0 (in my example) you could also use IR or sharp sensors

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    Step 1

    The sonar is mounted onto a 3D printed mount which in turn is mounted direct onto the stepper motor.

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