A project log for Ion wind loudspeaker experiments

Ion wind lifters make wind (airflow). Make that wind variable => sound ;-)

DeepSOICDeepSOIC 09/30/2015 at 17:480 Comments

A few years ago:

did most of the project =)

30 September 2015:

video for #IW blower 2 - pipe

high-voltage safety section

link to another blower project ( #IW blower 1 )

link to #IW High-voltage amplifier

link to #IW blower 3 - multistage

2 October 2015:

link to #IW blower theory

13 October 2015:

made a first blower with 3d-printer! #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test

uploaded model files for #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test

15 October 2015:

Made a photo of #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test with corona glow visible. Took 2 seconds of exposure, it is a really faint glow.

Thermal imaging revealed almost no heating of corona wires in #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test.

Captured a small video of the blower blowing and arcing. Nothing too exciting...

16 October 2015:

Tried to make some sound out of #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test. On video, see project logs of #IW blower 4 - 3d printing test. Horrible sparking whenever I switch on the music =(((

5 March 2016:

Published feedback circuit of #IW High-voltage amplifier. Because @aschwock asked for it. @aschwock, enjoy =)