Prototype 1

A project log for HackBerry Pi

RPi with no processor, just hackable :)

Antti LukatsAntti Lukats 09/29/2015 at 18:092 Comments

Doing real prototype rather than just CAD work is nice sometimes:

HackBerry fitted as add-on to RPi Model A 26 pin header. I do not have RPi B+ yet, and well I guess there are some more Model A around.

Arduino like pin headers can be soldered from the bottom, in the picture HackBerry sits on Netduino :)


  1. Choose what FTDI IC, FT230X is cheapest but not in our library :(
  2. Find place for DIPSY socket
  3. Audio connector? With PWM filters?
  4. Use remaing free space for something useful that does not add BOM cost?


Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 09/29/2015 at 18:30 point

You can't beat hardware mock-ups :-)

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Antti Lukats wrote 09/29/2015 at 18:32 point

This is actually pretty handy form factor, so while just thinking a bit before doing, it, well think how many things this one PCB can BRIDGE :)

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