The main idea was to make electronic music in a different and interactive way, using some concepts of ARG (Alternate Reality Game), underground or extraterrestrial elements, elements that surround us daily, however we rarely pay much attention, some times we just can not hear them as solar flare, earth or space radio waves, meteor echoes or even the sound of hydrogen.

I’ve been studying about solar flare since 2002, there were a radio antenna near an audio studio where I worked, occasionally I discovered an interference from a solar flare where particles are released through the earth’s atmosphere and can interfere with telecommunications systems, electronics devices, primarily satellite, GPSs, high voltage transmission lines, but that interference has sounded interesting to me.

In order to learn more about it, I found a radio technician and an DIXer(amateur radio), talking to them I could find that it is super normal check a daily consult service of “Space Weather” a weather service space through data to know how the quality communication that day is, if the solar flares will harm or wont. I became interested in it and imagined how it would transform that data into sound using sonification software like Mathematica or Max and the result was great.

Psicoff & Konkreet Labs

The interactive part comes as “additional content” and took place through living with radio signals, a major raw material for all that composition, and the partnership with “Konkreet Labs” company based in Berlin, Germany, which created the incredible “Konkreet Performer” a great app for iPad that revolutionized the way to control music software on your computer.

KONKREET PERFORMER is a music control and performance instrument that was designed to use multi-touch technology to the full. Instead of traditional faders and knobs, use multi-touch and gestures to manipulate PERFORMER’s beautiful shapes to dynamically control your computer’s software instruments in real-time.

In addition to being a compulsive Konkreet Performer (KP) user, both, live and in the studio, and act as a participant in the development of beta versions (trial versions) of the KP, the app helped me a lot throughout the sound design process, composition process, manipulation and modulation of sounds and effects. Thus I came up with to share this tool with others, in an interactive and fun way.

Each song will contain a promo code (promotional code) of the “Konkreet Performer” courtesy by Konkreet Labs that “should be decoded” in order to get this amazing iPad app, the “promotional codes” were encoded by “digital signal sounds” via radio waves into each song, you need to use a free software as the “FLdigi” in order to decode the codes.

Dowload the FLdigi at

The software runs on OS X, Linux, Free-BSD and Windows.

Important: There is only one “promotional code” for each song, and only the “first person” to decode the code and follow the instructions and follow the procedures that code shows, shall be entitled to download the application “Konkreet Performer 2”.

All the process features the production of Dudu Marote -

- which in addition to be a great friend mine and a master he is an unparalleled professional and he has been helping me a lot to turn all this work possible.

"Psicoff" reached 1° of ‎Electronic‬ Top Chart Albums on Apple Music