Introducing RepRap-XY Iteration 2

A project log for RepRap-XY Iteration 2

A Redistribution of Jand's RepRap-XY CoreXY 3D printer, integrating modifications by sdavi and original modifications for improvement

AVRAVR 01/17/2016 at 06:280 Comments

RepRap-XY Iteration 2 is a fork of the RepRap-XY printer designed by Jand on the RepRap forums, his design is a 3D printable adaption of Zelogik's machined aluminum CoreXY 3D printer. RepRap-XY is essentially a RepRappable version of Zelogik's printer, Iteration 2 began as a fork of Jand's git repo for RepRap-XY. Iteration 2 incorporates several community modifications and some original modifications/improvement.

The community modifications to the design are primarily the the gantry system, the gantry used in Iteration 2 is the vertical rod design found in Sdavi's fork of Jand's RepRap-XY. The vertical rod design is a bit more rigid, allows for nice mounting options, and a nice path for the belts (between the rods). This mod replaces the XY blocks and carriage of the printer. Modifications introduced by ourselves in Iteration 2 include:

- motor spacers for adjusting offset of the motor boxes and idler boxes to line up with the new gantry

- 2020 T-slot corner brackets

- inner corner brackets for 2020 T-slot

- motors mounted tops side

- Z motor bottom mounted

- Z axis leadscrew replaced with OpenBuilds 8mm Leadscrew and Delrin Nut Plate

- More unified Z axis design for increased rigidity

- mounting hardware for the E3D family of hotends.

Currently the CAD is under heavy development and an iteration of the design has been printed and is pending construction. CAD work is currently focused on designing mounting hardware for hotends and electronics. Be sure to follow the github repository for updates.