RFShowControl is an arduino library geared towards doing DMX512 compatible communication via inexpensive nRF24L01 modules with an update frequency of around 30Hz.

They are actually Inexpensive enough to allow dedicating one module per device that you want to control.

You may ask why use these over the ESP chips?  Three reasons.

  • It's really easy to do a single active master, and many passive slaves with these.
  • Predictable timing and low overhead.
  • Easily an order of magnitude lower latency versus wifi.

The transmitter can also be hand wired with just a FTDI USB to serial adapter, an arduino, and an RF24 module.  There also happens to also be a FTDI based USB to DMX512 bridge product on the market and they used the FTDI default USB device id's.  This means our home-made transmitter will show up in QLC+ as a compatible DMX controller with zero changes.

On the client end, RFShowControl contains example sketches for controlling SSR's, RGB LED's with mosfets, LED strips, and even triac based dimming based on detecting the rising edge of the line voltage.

I've adapted many of these for my own wireless control purposes including RGB lights, driving a fake snow machine, and a couple 6 outlet power strips with AC dimming on each outlet and everything fits inside the strip.

Useful stuff.