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A project log for ArcReactorX

The more 'intuitive' arc reactor! Designed to get attention ;)

rohit-guptaRohit Gupta 04/12/2014 at 14:000 Comments

Based on the requirements i made a quick schematic and board in Eagle available here. The size of the circle depends on the chest size a lot. Imagine hulk wearing the arc reactor (LOL). 

So, i used an A4 and drew circles of various sizes 5cm , 6cm ,7cm and 8cm. I then used a tape to stick them on my tshirt and see if it looked fine. 

I went with the 70mm dia one.

It looked cool.

There were a lot of space on the board left. So, i wrote stuff on it. Made the open source h/w logo. Since, the project is open source. 

Make and spread the Iron Man-ism :)