It's a LAMP!

A project log for Crystal Lamp

A wall mounted bedside lamp that looks like a large cluster of crystals.

JediFixJediFix 10/29/2015 at 13:240 Comments

First off let me say that I really dig Fusion 360. I still have very little idea what I am doing in it, but I was able to stumble my way through modifying my file halfway through the history without screwing everything else up when I rolled the history marker forward. This is almost like magic to me, and magic I can just barely control. That said I have a 4cm longer model now!

I bumped the .stl over to my Printrbot (through my trusty RasPi/OctoPrint controller) and let her rip yesterday morning. It took 9.75 hrs to print! But it DID print, and it looks great!

I quickly slipped in the socket, wired up the cord, screwed in the bulb and what do you know, LIGHT!

I attached the bracket to the wall, slipped the lamp into the bracket and turned it on. It is even brighter than I hoped and the lamp does not mess with the coloring of the light at all.