More Crystals!

A project log for Crystal Lamp

A wall mounted bedside lamp that looks like a large cluster of crystals.

JediFixJediFix 01/18/2016 at 17:070 Comments

OK, I dug back into this project and sorted out how I could get this back on track. I created 3 new crystal bodies that attach to the original. I had to make a more solid version of the main crystal body, add the second crystal body, size and position it and hen cut it with the first body.

Once I had that second Crystal modeled I exported it and started printing it. Because if the simpler design I decided to try printing it with 0% infill. The second crystal printed perfectly on the fist try with 0% infill! This is great for several reasons: 1) it prints faster, 2) less infill = more light transfer. While that one was printing I dug back into Fusion360 and modeled up the third crystal, exported and sliced it and then the fourth. Currently Crystal 3 is printing while I type this.

I test fit Crystal 2 on my current lamp and it fit perfect. I have already modified the main crystal and will be reprinting that and then assembling the whole thing and putting it on my wall to replace the one I have their now. Once this one is complete I will create a mirrored version in Fusion360, reexport and reprint all the parts for a second lamp on the other side of the bed.