KiCad StepUp: The Sketcher

A project log for kicad StepUp script hacks MCAD world!

kicad ECAD meets MCAD world: with this hack, you can finally export your kicad board and assemblies to MCAD world!

mauriceMaurice 09/22/2017 at 20:160 Comments

September 2017

KiCad StepUp, after more than two years has became the suggested way to create STEP and WRL models for official Kicad 3D package library.

Moreover the new 3D models KiCad library is mainly derived from the FC scripts available here:

In this period many features have been added, but the latest I just released is a full FreeCAD Workbench that can be easy installed from inside FreeCAD.

There is also a new StepUp Cheat Sheet to facilitate the first approach to the tools,

In the new KiCad StepUp WorkBench there is also a new feature to improve ECAD and MCAD collaboration: The Sketcher.

Here a video tutorial

I opened a new project @Hackaday to explain in detail the new WB and its features.