Quantity   Component name
1 × FR1 copper clad boards, double or single sided. FR4 for RF work, but can't be laser cut. Phenolic PCBS suitable for scoring and snapping or possibly laser cutting.
1 × Craft foil used instead of Green TRF PCB making foil as a cheaper more available material with more colors. Search 'Heat Toner Foil Laser' on Ebay.
1 × Laser printer: preferably HP using OEM or 3rd party refills. I have an HP1102 monochrome printer.
1 × APACHE AL13P laminator, please see my multipass laminator project for full details. Used to transfer toner and foil to copper clad boards impeccably.
1 × Full Spectrum 5th gen , 40W hobby laser cutter Used to make plastic solder stencils and possibly slot & cut FR1 PCBs.
1 × 3 mil laminating sheets, standard item for laminators used for solder stencils
1 × Solder paste, preferably 63/37 Lead Tin. for hot air or oven soldering
1 × Hot air soldering tool or reflow oven, regular soldering iron as well. for solder paste.
1 × Tweezers for placing SMT components & Xacto craft knife & Scissors
1 × Carbide scribe or dremel cut off disc tool for grooving & snapping PCBs to size
1 × Dremel tool & press with carbide tipped drill bits-assorted sizes 0.5mm- 3 mm Thru hole components and machine screw holes.
1 × Optional 6-32 or 4-40 Tap for machine screw holes in PCBs.
1 × Toner Transfer paper- the Yellow stuff. Search 'Toner Transfer paper' on Ebay ...the yellow stuff!