Version 3 is ready for lasercutting

A project log for OpenK9

Open source, low-cost robotic quadraped for reinforcement learning

Ben NortierBen Nortier 04/25/2018 at 08:450 Comments

I've worked on the shoulder/torso assembly and made some refinements to the legs and shoulder. I've replaced the 4mm smooth shaft that had to be cut with M4 socket screws and lock nuts. This requires a bit less effort and is cheaper. 

The shoulder joint is M6 threaded rod that will have to be cut with a hacksaw. The shoulder to hip rods are M8 threaded and will also have to be cut from 1m stock.

The mechanical parts (rods, screws, lock nuts) have been ordered from RS.

I'm getting the 3mm plexiglass today and having it laser cut:

Except I just realised forgot something :/

Next update will be when I've assembled this version...