OneSolver is constantly improving its software. Most times these changes are minor and completely transparent to the user. Other times, we add a new feature which allows user to do some pretty amazing stuff! This page contains details about the features we have released to the public so you do not miss out. If you are looking for more in depth knowledge about the OneSolver platform, please visit our technology page.

CloudMath Application

  • Associate units and symbolic notation to variables.
  • Group multiple variables into physical domains.
  • Solves systems of nonlinear constrained equations.
  • Classify variables as known, unknown, or constant.

  • Classify variable changes as fixed or swappable.
  • Swap between known and unknown variables based on a change queue.
  • Parse formulas and render them into easy to read LaTeX.

  • Import formulas from other saved systems (experimental).
  • Map variables between saved systems (experimental).
  • Create and download designs as YAML text files.

Diagram Application

  • Create electrical schematics using CircuiTikz.
  • Display variable values to component designators.
  • Toggle display of designators and values.

Mechanical Application

  • Link variable values to geometric shapes.

  • Apply title blocks (experimental)


  • AJAX web Interface.
  • Pages writing using Markdown.


  • Generate sitemaps for designs and images.
  • HTML snapshot generation
  • Hash Bang AJAX web crawling