GT42 Frankenstein

Recycled Electronics 3D Printer, Powered by Printrboard rev. F5

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This printer was built as cheaply as possible using as many Recycled electronics parts as I could, as well as using ready designed and tested parts from

I started by getting 4 old printers from an E-waste company at R50 per printer (± $5 USD) and then completely disassembling those to scavenge for parts.

I managed to get all of the Stepper motors, switches, wiring and most of the linear rods. as well as various shapes and sizes of tactile switches etc.

As it stands now I have spent just shy of R3000 (± $200~250 USD) on new parts

given the print volume of 230×180×250mm I'm quite happy with how things are going so far.

I designed the printer as I built it, while dissassembling old printers, fixing each problem one at a time. It isn't the best design method but hey, "Why not do legwork while you think" - Mark Watney

  • New tactics for a glass bed

    RenierM10/18/2015 at 11:40 0 comments

    Ok so this time i'm being careful with the glass bed, i found some aluminium tape that i've used to try and improve thermal conduction. The alu tape is a bit thin so it still doesnt conduct the heat great but there is definite improvement. I'll probably stick the brim down to the bed when printing large footprint parts.

    The most important part about the alu tape is that it allows the use of an induction sensor.

  • Overexcitement has a price

    RenierM10/05/2015 at 15:53 0 comments

    So last night right after initial power up and checking that everything is in working order i decided to see how hot my new heated bed could get, and never thought it through.

    Glass doesn't mind high temperature, but glass does NOT enjoy temperature differential...

    Turns out those little strips of glass around the edge of the bed was still cold by the time the centre of the bed had reached ±80°C and then BAM...

    Self inflicted injuries are no cause for sympathy ;)

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