Halloween Success

A project log for Halloween Blinky Eyes

An addressable LED strip animation -- spooky eyes appear, blink, and fade away. Why are they watching us? We may never know...

dougaldougal 11/02/2015 at 19:130 Comments

I successfully deployed my Blinky Eyes project for Halloween, in the shrubs near the steps of our front porch. Due to a time crunch, I didn't get to finish some last minute timing tweaks that I was working on. So the eyes strip would sometimes have no eyes glowing for a little longer than I might of liked. But maybe I'm just impatient.

I did take a couple of short videos, and when I get a chance to combine them and pare them down, I'll post the results here, so you can see the final project in context.

Thanks to the HaD staff (@Adam Fabio) for the mention in the Halloween Hacklet!