Project Hexapod

A hexapod robot that can navigate autonomously

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We are developing a hexapod robot that will be able to be controlled with a controller, as well as navigate to a location autonomously. The robot will use an ultrasonic depth finder to navigate, powered by servos. We are using an Arduino as a microprossesor. This is an on-going project.

We aim to have our hexapod be able to complete the following tasks:

- Walk on all 6 legs in an efficient way in any direction

- Navigate autonomously using an ultrasonic proximity sensor

- Successfully travel to a location specified with input

  • 12 × TG9Z Analog Micro Servo
  • 1 × HC-SRO4 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
  • 1 × Arduino Mega

  • Leg Developing #1

    griffinpuc10/07/2015 at 00:56 0 comments

    With two servos, we developed the first version of the code for our leg movement. This is a very basic first step, that focussed on the way we want to move our hexapod's legs.

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