Case Completion

A project log for Grid-2-Audio

A convenient adapter to view the electrical grid waveform through your PC's sound card.

David ScholtenDavid Scholten 03/14/2018 at 12:290 Comments

For this project I've taken the reverse approach or designing the case before the PCB itself. In this way I've imposed at least some design limitations to stop the scope getting out of hand and forcing a completion for the project.

Apologies for the Inventor screenshot interface overlays, but here is the front and central sections of the casing in inventor:

And here is the implemented 3d print: (Prusa i3 "MK1"):

I designed the case in an extrusion style with a faceplate, but the 3d printing manufacturing technique also allows for lateral features like cooling vents or indents for rubber feet (of which there are 4). Ports A and B are for the direct grid output and the 50hz notch filter output. The PCB itself will slide in along notches along the wall like traditional aluminium extrusion cases.

You may have noticed the two colour printing on the front plate, which is possible through a script provided from prusa that allows the printer to stop and change filament at a specified layer.

For the back of the case (containing the IEC receptacle) I had to create a cap to hold it in place during disconnects:

When implemented:

All together I'm quite happy with the final appearance and will be quickly be moving through the circuit and PCB design phase (with an aim to have surface mount automated assembly performed through Seeed Studios).

Final fun photo is a "cross section" of the entire enclosure using a portion of the case that I opted to print in two steps: