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I am the center-ish of this Universe-ish

Frequently shifting position in my laboratory viewing solution utilizing (3) ultrasonic sensors, (3) servos, an Arduino Uno and an excessive amount of averaging (see below) to lessen interference. (Advice) Never buy HC-SR04 sensors, blech, double blech.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 3 × HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors
  • 3 × Servo
  • 1 × Aquaman Night Lite To Keep The Monsters Away
  • 3 × Hinges

  • Spatial Grid

    Vije Miller10/09/2015 at 21:39 0 comments

    The idea behind the sensor array was dividing the room in to 3 columns and 3 rows.

    A SensorB SensorC Sensor
    Position UnusedPosition 1Position Unused
    Position 2Position 3Position 4
    Position OpenPosition OpenPosition Open

    I don't have a very large work space so I did not need a greater accuracy but would have been easily attained. Limiting the distance allowed for the open position.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Experience(s)

    Vije Miller10/08/2015 at 23:39 0 comments

    I suffered through an enormous amount of suffering suffereded from these damn sensors and here are some things I figured out for my self after getting little to no where from on line reading.

    1. 15 degree radius actually means 30 degree radius. Expect a much wider interference area from left over waves.
    2. Going HIGH doesn't mean 1 out put but 8 out puts and the sensor needs only one but it does mean 8 signals were sent out and could have deflected in numerous other directions including coming back to your parallel sensor. Which means with out blocking these sensors with some sort of inverted cone, you WILL get interference.
    3. Give time for those excess waves to dissipate, leave time between sensor firings.
    4. Take a lot of readings then average out for better results. In Arduino, it's called Smoothing, learn it and love it.
    5. Have a stable power supply more than merely the Arduino. If the Arduino is sending power to other things like servos or more than one sensor, assume that's not stable enough and add a power supply, your results will improve greatly.
    6. Sauza, preferably some thing cheap because coding and correcting doesn't cause relaxation so good tequila shouldn't be wasted. When uploading your video, Don Julio.
    7. Don't buy HC-SR04 (4 Pin) buy HC-06 (3 Pin) or similar 3 pin because, they just seem to operate better. I can't honestly give an engineering answer but from amateur experience, they prove to be more reliable and easier to work with when prototyping, the most important time for things to be flexible and functional.

  • Arduino Code

    Vije Miller10/08/2015 at 20:59 0 comments

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