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A Reworking of my Pi Video Player for a static installation

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 10/09/2015 at 13:530 Comments

This is the most radical part of my rebuild; all of the other aspects have been touched on before in the previous iteration. However the introduction of a second Pi is completely new.

The two Pi's; one Model B and a B+, will be directly connected to each other with a small Ethernet cable; The Pi's do not require a crossover cable so a standard CAT5 will do.

Over this Miniature LAN the Output Pi(B+) will have all have all the media stored one memory cards/HDD, and will sit and monitor a websocket for commands to play videos from the Touchscreen Pi (B). The Touchscreen Pi will use a webserver to host the GUI and send any selected commands to the Output Pi. The touchscreen Pi will have Network File Sharing (NFS) Access to the Output Pi so it can manage playlist and also play videos itself if necessary.

So far here is how i hope to configure them:

Touchscreen Pi

Output Pi