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A Reworking of my Pi Video Player for a static installation

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 10/26/2015 at 12:560 Comments


The first Service I want to add is a 'TV' like service; as in the previous build the main purpose of the device will be to play Media, of course. Rather than having playlists to choose from I would like to have the playlists appear as channels and make it look as if there is always something playing. Pressing the up/down buttons (or entering a number on a remote) would change the channels. I would like to also incorporate an 'Adverts' folder for us to drop content in to advertise upcoming events & news for my son, to be played between episodes of what ever channel he is on.


I would love to make this as modular as possible. I would love to use a 'Channels' folder and have my code compile it's own channel list when it starts up. In the channel folder could be scripts for defining the channel's number, name and channel information as well as a script for compiling the channel's content.


Touchscreen - when running in split screen mode (when the output pi is playing the channel content) I would like to have a simple GUI on the touchscreen with up/down and a numeric keypad for typing channel numbers (I'm thinking html for this - the main python script can then monitor the input from these buttons and pass commands to the second Pi).

When not passing media to the second Pi and just playing on the touch screen I will look into maybe playing the video with an overlay for a small up/down button in the corner. If not, no biggie; the manual buttons can be used.