Again smaller display but FULL Color!!

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Simply making small computer as a hobby, combined my previous two (ATMega, SAMD21 ARM) projects in one.

kodera2tkodera2t 10/24/2015 at 04:090 Comments

Again, the screen is smaller but.....

Now it has full color display! The resolution is also twiced (128x64 to 128x128) and frame buffer is already extended to support 21 character x 16 lines !! This is the largest as ever in my tiny computer.

Making tiny computer from scratch is a bit time consuming work and I simply made "pinout-converter" from 20 pin color OLED to 6 pin connector. This OLED module (SSD1351) supports 8-bit, 8080, 6800 access in addition to SPI and accessing can be switched by BS0 and BS1. For SPI mode, both BS0 and BS1 are pulled down. Also in this case CS is pulled down because the original OLED modules does not have one (always selected mode).

The operation can be found in the following movie, and the source is already uploaded to github. Have fun!!