Something else?: big SRAM board by XMEM

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Simply making small computer as a hobby, combined my previous two (ATMega, SAMD21 ARM) projects in one.

kodera2tkodera2t 12/29/2015 at 01:490 Comments

It is still work in progress but I've made "big memory board" utilising XMEM function of ATMega128.

This board has additional 32kB SRAM and with internal 4kB SRAM, it will work as 36kB SRAM board. XMEM is not new technology and can find several information to activate it. Currently...

Board itself is working but not yet activate additional SRAM. When I fully activate and utilise additional SRAM, I will add 4Mbit SRAM (will lead to 512kB memory to tinyBASIC plus!!!!) Stay tune!