Standing desk keyboard stand

A project log for Ultimate practice room

Convert the X stand included with most keyboards into a table stand with isolation from the floor.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/19/2022 at 20:170 Comments

The 1st step in using standing desk innards as a keyboard stand took place.  It's not portable, but a solid stand with motorized height is a game changer.  It also costs 3x more than the Elton John stand. The cables aren't long enough for it to extend to full height.

Springs attached to adapter plates.  

The only structurally sound way to mount adapter plates was on the inside.

Confusers were mounted on scrap wood.  

It got an IR remote upgrade with preset heights.  Lack of space meant the piano had to go on the rear of it.

Ideally, the piano would go on the front, the rear would have a large LCD panel on an arm, & the control panel would be fully exposed again.  There's not enough room for a table.  The animal's legs have to go under the piano when sitting so to have enough room, the area under it has to be free from a table.  

While it extends from a standing to a sitting position, there's not enough room for an animal's legs under it.  The structure between the motors would have to be taken out or the keyboard would have to move to the front.  The mane use of the height adjustment is now just freeing up space when it's not in use & dialing in a precise height.

It makes lions miss the original wooden stand.  That worked on the 1st try, even though it didn't support standing.