• 1
    Step 1

    Start with the base plate. At the bottom left side mark the holes to be drilled. Use the 20cm x 20cm parts and mark the holes at the positions 2cm, 10cm, 18cm. Do the same at the bottom right side.

    Choose any width you like for the middle parts. I used the width of the music stand plate.

    After marking the holes, drill it using the 5mm drill

    Now turn the baseplate around. Align the 20cmx20cm parts with the baseplate. Drill 4mm holes through the baseplate into the 20x20 plates.

    Do this with the top plate, too. Now align baseplate, 20x20 plates an the top plates and use the screws to tighten them at the top and at the bottom.

    If you finished this task, you have done 1/3 of the new table

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    Step 2

    Now prepare the keyboard part. Do the same with the 10cmx20cm parts and attach them to the back side of the keyboard plate:

    The side should look like this:

  • 3
    Step 3

    Now we need some stability at the back side. Align both 10cm x 20cm parts with equal distance in the middle of the backside. Please measure with high precision. You'll see the distances of these parts later at the top of the base plate.

    If you attached all parts it should look like this: