Quantity   Component name
1 × 4mm wood drill (gimlet) Our crews are 5cm long. We prepare the holes using the 4mm drill
1 × 5mm wood drill (gimlet) For drilling holes in the base plates
1 × baseplate 167cm x 60cm x 1,8cm This is the main plate which will hold oll other components
1 × top plate 167cm x 32cm x 1,6cm this is the base for the monitor speakers
1 × keyboard plate 105cm x 52cm x 1,6cm This will be the plate for the midi keyboard
4 × 20cm x 20cm x 1,5cm divider plate This plate divides the tables back into 3 compartments. It's the static of the table
4 × 10cm x 20cm x 1,5cm connector plate These plates will hold the keyboard plate.
2 × hinge if you like to build a music stand, use these
1 × big hinge if you like to build a music stand, use this
1 × music stand plate 37cm x 30cm x 1,6cm
48 × (Steinles steel) Torx screws 5cm x 5mm diameter This screws are really stable and easy to apply.
1 × electric drill For making the holes
1 × T20 Torx screwdriver
2 × wood-horse This is the base for everything.