dim x(100)

A project log for blinkyBasic

BASIC interpreter for the Arduino. Inspired by the Woz's Integer BASIC.

Bob BurnsBob Burns 11/07/2015 at 19:140 Comments

I've got dim working! It has taken a little longer due to the fact that last Sunday I got an email about one of my iOS apps not working, so I had to spend all my free time updating for iOS 9.1. Kinda sucked but if I was getting paid to be an iPhone dev, it would mean good job security. Anyway, so originally I wanted to be able to do two dimensional arrays (x(10,10)) but had to settle with one because the print function interprets a comma as a tab: print x(1),x(2). I don't think you could use two dim arrays in Integer basic anyway. One other caveat of my program for now is that you can't pass an expression to a dim index; just numbers or variables (x(i) = 100 not x(i-1) = 100)

I updated the blinkyBasic.txt and blinkyBasic.tar if you want to have a go.

This week I'm planning to tackle "list", and soldering up the pcb I ordered from Fritzing so I have something cool to show at SuperCon.